Throughout our more than 13 years, we've utilized technology to our advantage, and successfully incorporated all available tools for positive growth. We've also had to circle the wagons, rally the troops, and stave off the wolves.  Multiple times. For our efforts, we experienced a reasonable amount of success, and we're more than grateful.

However, sometimes the tools stop working, the technology is used as a blunt instrument, the wagons aren't as many, there are no more troops to muster, and the wolf packs become too large and hungry. It is with *heavy hearts* that we announce our closing.

Some would say, "market forces aligned perfectly." We would say something worse than "market forces," were and are, at play. Lest we regretfully digress into diatribe uninteresting to most, we'll instead show our ages a bit by asking Carol Burnett to say, "what we feel" -

I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together

"I'm so glad we had this time together,
Just to have a laugh, or sing a song.
Seems we just got started and before you know it
Comes the time we have to say, 'So long.'

There's a time you put aside for dreamin',
And a time for things you have to do.
The time I love the best is in the evening -
I can spend a moment here with you.

When the time comes that I'm feelin lonely,
And I'm feelin' ohooooo - so blue,
I just sit back and think of you, only,
And the Happiness still comes through.

That's why I'm glad we had this time together,
'Cause it makes me feel like I belong.
Seems we just got started and before you know it
Comes the time we have to say, 'So long.'"

We thank our numerous patrons over the years, and we wish everyone the happiness they seek and deserve.

Good day, and good-bye! :)